At the Auction 

Moleskine Notebook Entry 5

Attended an auction on Saturday and grabbed a quick pencil sketch of the scene while resting in the shade of a nearby pavilion.  I snapped a reference photo to document the colors so I could paint it later at home.  

Also put in a few bids and was able to win a couple of items. Unfortunately I lost out on the main item I was trying to win. 

Oh well, can’t win them all!   

Tom Conboy 

Drive-Thru Dash

Moleskine Notebook Entry 4

It was my turn to make the dinner run this evening, so I decided to take my notebook and grab a quick sketch while waiting in the drive-thru lane.  I wanted to sketch the scene as quickly as possible and finish it with watercolor when I got home.  The goal was to practice simplifying the scene and to complete the drawing phase in 10 minutes or less.  I figured it would take a while to get through the line since it was the dinner rush and several cars were ahead of me.  I was going to call it “Drive-Thru Delay,” but my local Steak ‘n Shake was moving cars through at a lightning pace.  I decided to call it “Drive-Thru Dash” instead.  

I had to improvise the vehicles because the line was moving rapidly. The original vehicles in front of me were gone before I even got to sketch them, so I ended up drawing them from memory.  Overall it was a great exercise, and I am pleased with the final sketch.  Really had fun painting this one! 

Tom Conboy 


Moleskine Notebook Entry 3

A little sketching practice this evening.  The metal rooster sculpture was a Christmas gift from our daughter several years ago, and sits next to the television stand.  I named him Bob because his comb reminds me of a cartoon character’s hair.  That cartoon character is Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons.  Bob usually holds silk flowers in his bucket, but our dog likes to eat the flowers.  He doesn’t touch the flowers sitting on the floor next to Bob, just the ones we put in Bob’s bucket.  Go figure! 

Tom Conboy 

Miniature Painting – An Early Snow 

​An Early Snow (2.5 x 3.5 inches; watercolor) 

This ACEO art card watercolor painting sold shortly after I listed it at my Etsy Shop.   I am pleased to announce that I will be giving a print of this painting to one of the best supporters of my artwork.  It’s my way of thanking her for all of the encouragement and support she has given me. I also know she really liked this one, and I hope she will be pleased with the print! 

Tom Conboy 

The Art of Practice 

Moleskine Notebook Entry 1

I purchased a 3.5 x 5.5 inch Moleskine Notebook yesterday.  The purpose for this notebook is to be able to document my practice sketches and to be able to paint in public without being too noticeable.  I like the small size of the notebook,  but I would have preferred the landscape watercolor version over this one.  Unfortunately I could not find the watercolor notebook in my area.  It was one of those “I’ve got to have it now” moments, so I purchased what was available. 

I completed a quick pen and ink watercolor sketch of the woodburning stove in my family room.  This sketch took about 20 minutes to complete, minus drying time.  The goal in this practice sketch was to simplify the subject and to complete it as quickly as possible.  I am also using pen and ink for the first time.   I wanted to try my hand at painting the washes first, then going over them with a pen.  

Woodburning Stove

Tom Conboy 

Watercolor Journal Entry 4

Monday Morning Bagel

Farmington, Missouri (July 18,2016)

Painted this sketch while enjoying a blueberry bagel and coffee from my local Panera.  Chalk this one up as much needed practice. I’m not real happy with the finished sketch, but I did enjoy the experience.  The bagel and coffee helped! 

I felt like I stuck out a bit with my painting supplies strewn across the table.  I would prefer to downsize a bit, so I visited my local Hobby Lobby to purchase some additional supplies.  I purchased a water brush by Sakura and wanted to get a smaller watercolor journal.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any.  I will need to order one, preferably a 3.5 x 5 inch journal.  The goal is to use minimal supplies so I don’t stick out so much, especially when painting indoors where others are present.  

Tom Conboy 

Watercolor Journal Entry 3

St. Mary, Missouri (July 14, 2016) 

I was able to get in a quick watercolor sketch this morning while my wife was running an errand. The air temperature was 82°F, but the humidity was quite high.  A sweat bee and wasp tried to harass me as well.  Fortunately they both moved on elsewhere.  I guess they were art critics!! 😁

Tom Conboy