My latest painting is an 8 x 10 inch acrylic on stretched canvas.

I used Liquitex acrylic paints for this one. Still my favorite brand for acrylic paints!
Tom Conboy 


Captured this photo on my drive home from picking apples.  This is one of my favorite scenes in Southern Illinois.  The depot once served the Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad (GM&O) at Sparta, Illinois. It was also used in the movie, “In The Heat of the Night” with Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier. It is now an art museum. Not sure about the caboose’s history, but I do like the GM&O logo painted on it. One of these days I am going to paint this scene en plein air! 

Tom Conboy 

At the Auction 

Moleskine Notebook Entry 5

Attended an auction on Saturday and grabbed a quick pencil sketch of the scene while resting in the shade of a nearby pavilion.  I snapped a reference photo to document the colors so I could paint it later at home.  

Also put in a few bids and was able to win a couple of items. Unfortunately I lost out on the main item I was trying to win. 

Oh well, can’t win them all!   

Tom Conboy