Summer Arbor

I had an opportunity to get out and paint yesterday. This scene is located next to Thomas Lake at Engler Park in Farmington, Missouri. I also had a chance to use my newly recycled mint tin paint box. I’m happy!

This oil painting measures 2 x 3 inches.


Miniature Painting – Thomas Lake

Painted this 2 x 3 inch oil painting on January 5, 2019. It was 65°F which is definitely not the norm for January in Missouri. As of today, winter has returned with a couple of snowstorms and bitter cold temps firmly in place.

This scene is located at Engler Park in Farmington, Missouri. I’ll be going back to this location to paint again when the weather gets warm.


Free Art Friday – Woodland Sunrise

Something New

I decided to get out of the selling business with my artwork several months ago, and started giving away my artwork instead. Free Art Friday is nothing new on social media, but it’s something new for me. I’m putting my own spin on this wonderful art trend.

I will leave a piece of artwork at local restaurants, businesses, and public places. That’s what #freeartfriday is all about. My particular spin involves actually painting at the location, and then giving away my artwork to those who come up and speak with me. It’s been really fun and has been a blessing to me. I’m enjoying this much more than selling my paintings.

The above painting was painted at Sugarfire Smokehouse in Farmington, Missouri. I was able to enjoy a wonderful meal, and then do a little painting after the meal. I also gave away one of my miniature paintings, but not the one pictured above this text.

I’m looking for to doing this again real soon!


Planning a New Workshop 

Getting ready for my next wet-on-wet oil painting workshop. I painted this demonstration painting earlier today, and my students will be using it for reference when they paint their own version. I will be setting up workshop dates for June and July of 2017!

Tom Conboy 

Heavy Rains

“April showers bring May flowers.” They also bring floods. 

This is a scene along Wolf Creek near Farmington, Missouri on April 29, 2017. Flash flooding has been occurring due to the amount of heavy rainfall we have been receiving this weekend. You can tell the water has receded, but more storms arrived shortly after this photo was taken. The spot where I am standing is surely under water at the time of this posting. 

More photos… 

Wolf Creek South of Missouri Highway 32

Missouri Highway 32 Bridge at Wolf Creek.

Rain Gauge at My House (8+ inches)

Hope you all are staying high and dry! 
Tom Conboy 

Plummer’s Hardware 

Moleskine Notebook Entry 8

Farmington, Missouri 092016

This scene is located along East Liberty Street in downtown Farmington. A leaking water valve on a toilet required a trip to the local hardware store today. It seems like the local “mom and pop” hardware stores are dying off, but there’s still a good one here in Farmington. I figured I would take advantage of the trip and work on a watercolor sketch. 

I really enjoyed the painting session, and was also able to fix the toilet as well!  A “win-win” situation! 😁

Tom Conboy