My latest painting is an 8 x 10 inch acrylic on stretched canvas.

I used Liquitex acrylic paints for this one. Still my favorite brand for acrylic paints!
Tom Conboy 

Miniature Painting – Mountain Stream 

I painted this miniature on July 11, 2017. This miniature was completed with Liquitex acrylic paints on black canvas panel. I’m very pleased with how it turned out! 

Here’s a quick video of the painting process for this acrylic painting…

Tom Conboy 

Miniature Painting – Field in Flower gif

I am happy to report that 6 out of 7 of my dollhouse miniature paintings have been sold over the past 60 days! It’s time to replenish the supply. The following is an animated gif of my latest dollhouse miniature. 

Field in Flower (1.0 x 1.5 inches; mixed media) 

The bulk of the painting is watercolor with a few details completed in ink. 
Tom Conboy 

Miniature Painting – Desert Beauty 

Desert Beauty (1 x 1.5 inches; mixed media) 
This is my first completed painting in over a month.  Sometimes, at least for me, a break is needed to “recharge the batteries.”  

I am going to concentrate on creating a new line of miniature paintings that I plan to offer at my Etsy Shop.  These dollhouse miniatures in 1/12 scale would be equivalent to 12 x 18 inches in real size. These are a lot of fun to paint! 

Desert Beauty is mainly watercolor, with a few details in pen and ink. 
Tom Conboy