Lincoln Cathedral

This 9 x 12 inch watercolor was painted for a friend of mine, Ian Holmes. I used a reference photo taken by Ian. His photo had most of the foreground in silhouette, so I used my artist license and created this interpretation of the photograph.


Miniature Painting – Untitled

Untitled Oil Painting

I received a whole bunch of free mini canvas panels from a friend. She no longer wanted them, and knew I painted miniatures. They included line art already printed on them. I don’t need the line art, so I covered the canvas panels with gesso.

The above painting was completed from a reference photo given to me by my sister. This is my interpretation of the actual location. This was painted on March 17, and is still shiny with a few brush hairs stuck to it. I’ll remove the brush hairs after it has dried. Too easy to smudge while still wet.


Free Art Friday – Woodland Sunrise

Something New

I decided to get out of the selling business with my artwork several months ago, and started giving away my artwork instead. Free Art Friday is nothing new on social media, but it’s something new for me. I’m putting my own spin on this wonderful art trend.

I will leave a piece of artwork at local restaurants, businesses, and public places. That’s what #freeartfriday is all about. My particular spin involves actually painting at the location, and then giving away my artwork to those who come up and speak with me. It’s been really fun and has been a blessing to me. I’m enjoying this much more than selling my paintings.

The above painting was painted at Sugarfire Smokehouse in Farmington, Missouri. I was able to enjoy a wonderful meal, and then do a little painting after the meal. I also gave away one of my miniature paintings, but not the one pictured above this text.

I’m looking for to doing this again real soon!