Plein Air in March

A little painting on location today at St. Francois State Park in Missouri!

Blocking in some basic colors before heading back to the studio. It’s getting a bit chilly on this sunny, but cool March day. I’ll finish this at home.

Miniature Painting – Close to the Edge

Close to the Edge (2 x 3 inches; oils)

I was able to sneak in a couple of hours of painting today after walking the dog at the park. A miniature oil painting using my repurposed Altoids tin as a paint box. There’s a trail at the back edge of the park with a bench facing an open field. A peaceful place to sit, relax, and paint!


Abandoned in Potosi

Moleskine Notebook Entry 12

My first Moleskine Notebook sketch since February of 2017. Sketched this abandoned structure while waiting at the dentist office. This sketch was created with watercolor pencils and Sakura ink pens.


After the Storm – May 31, 2018

Some severe weather moved through my area yesterday. Fortunately, the storm intensity had subsided by the time it reached my home. These photos were taken shortly after the initial storm front moved through the area.


Free Art Friday – Woodland Sunrise

Something New

I decided to get out of the selling business with my artwork several months ago, and started giving away my artwork instead. Free Art Friday is nothing new on social media, but it’s something new for me. I’m putting my own spin on this wonderful art trend.

I will leave a piece of artwork at local restaurants, businesses, and public places. That’s what #freeartfriday is all about. My particular spin involves actually painting at the location, and then giving away my artwork to those who come up and speak with me. It’s been really fun and has been a blessing to me. I’m enjoying this much more than selling my paintings.

The above painting was painted at Sugarfire Smokehouse in Farmington, Missouri. I was able to enjoy a wonderful meal, and then do a little painting after the meal. I also gave away one of my miniature paintings, but not the one pictured above this text.

I’m looking for to doing this again real soon!


Two in Two 

Here are a couple of miniature oil paintings from last week. Two paintings in two days! 

The first one was painted using my Altoids tin pochade box. I had a doctor’s appointment, and had to have blood drawn a couple of hours before my appointment. I decided not to sit in the waiting room for 2 hours, so I went to a local park and painted.

The second one was painted the next day while I was out getting grapes for grape jelly from a local grower near St. James, Missouri. The old depot was fixed up a few years ago and sits along the BNSF tracks that run through the town. It was a pleasant day!
Tom Conboy