New Painting 7-3-19

My latest painting was completed with acrylics and measures 8 x 10 inches.



Abandoned Tower Gif

The painting process for the 9 x 12 watercolor, Abandoned Tower, captured in an animated gif. 
Tom Conboy 

Abandoned Tower 

Abandoned Tower – A Model Railroad Memory (9 x 12 inches; watercolor) 
I painted this watercolor for my friend, Bill Graham, who is a model railroader. This scene is from Bill’s former model railroad layout that was located in his basement a few years ago. 

I am really pleased with how it turned out! 
Tom Conboy 

Aspen Way Gif

I put together this gif to show the steps of how Aspen Way came together. This painting was donated to a local mental health support group where it was sold at auction.  The original watercolor painting measures 12 x 16 inches.  

Tom Conboy

Mountain Majesty 

​I have been acquiring supplies for an upcoming wet-on-wet oil painting workshop I am planning to conduct this Fall.  Worked on the subject painting today (see below).  This workshop will be my first attempt at teaching other people how to paint.  I am looking forward to the challenge,  especially for those who have no painting experience! 
Mountain Majesty (12 x 16 inches; oil)

Tom Conboy 

Alexander and Main 

I painted this scene on location at Caledonia, Missouri.  The two structures are the Old Village Mercantile and Methodist Church.  It was a warm, early spring day, and I still can remember that day as if it was yesterday. This painting was sold at Pumpkin Fest in Caledonia back in 2012.

Alexander and Main (12 x 16 inches; watercolor) 

Tom Conboy